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Nanopore devices perform DNA/RNA sequencing derectly and in real time

MinION start pack

Programming the genome with CRISPR


WashU Epigenome Browser


Cas9 protein

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GENETIC SCIENCE LEARNING 學習 CENTER Jmol open-source chemical structure


MinION start pack Mitochondria-Targeted Plastoquinone
Disruptive chemicals, senescence and immortality Sence Life extension

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DNA database

Standale BLAST Setup for Unix

Organic Chemistry

uracil Organic Chemistry

wavelenghts of about 0.4-0.7 micrometers μm
smallest distance 0.3μm electro microscope 0.3 nm atomic microscope 0.3-1 nm X-ray 0.1 nm

Purification of Cells 500 revolution min rpm Allele Telomere cellular aging and human diseases Sequence feature


Bioinformatic dna rna protein enzymers

The Methionine Sulfoxide Reduction System mitochondria-targeted antioxidant SkQ1 on lifespan

Cancer reaserch

Candiolo Cancer Institute - IRCCS PDX = cancer research portal The Cancer Genome Atlas

TRF1 TRF2 telomeric repeat-binding factors activation p53 chromosome fusions